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As the Headteacher of Broomgrove Junior School it is a pleasure to be able to welcome you to our website.

“Working to be the best we can be,together.”

At the heart of all aspects of our school life are the values of respect, excellence and friendship. Furthermore, we believe that working in partnership with our children, their parents and carers, governors, and our local community is critical to ensuring our success as a school. A supportive atmosphere is fostered within which children feel confident to express their individuality, their talents and know that success in any aspect of their lives will be rewarded and celebrated. We are passionate that the School flourishes by providing a positive and stimulating learning environment created by caring and dedicated staff, which results in excellent progress for all our learners.

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Matthew Fuller

Current Newsletter

Summer Issue 22



We are Good!

Just over a year after being graded ‘Requires improvement’ by Ofsted, we are delighted to be able to inform you that following our recent inspection we are now officially graded as a ‘Good’ school.

The full report will be published on the Ofsted’s website on 9th June but it can be viewed in the meantime by clicking the link below.

May 2014 Ofsted report

When you have an opportunity to read the report you will see we have made significant progress in improving the key areas of pupil achievement and the quality of teaching and learning that takes place within the school – which were key areas for improvement following our last inspection. The report states that children now ‘make good progress because they are well taught’ across all year groups. The activities that we organise for children are ‘typically well matched to their abilities; this is helping children to learn effectively’. It was also recognised that ‘The school checks on pupils’ progress closely and uses well-targeted support to ensure any pupils who are underachieving quickly get back on track’.

Our previous inspection recognised that behaviour within the school was ‘good’ and I am pleased to say that this has been maintained, indeed strengthened with the new behaviour system we have put in place. The inspection team recognising that, ‘Pupils’ behaviour is good in lessons and in the playground. They concentrate on their work and respond very positively to the teachers’ high expectations. Pupils are courteous and show respect to adults and to each other. Pupils say they feel very safe in school’.

I hope you will agree that this is hugely positive news for the School and is another significant step towards us being a school in which we can all be truly proud; one that provides children with the opportunities to be the best they can be. Certainly the message that we received from the inspection team at the end of our inspection was that the children were immensely proud of their school and were very animated when talking about all that was good within the school.

As with any inspection however there are always aspects in which we can improve further - but this time it is in the context of moving towards ‘outstanding’. Over the coming year therefore we will be looking to build further on strengthen children’s achievement in writing so that they have regular opportunities to write at length across the curriculum. We will also be looking to ensure the tasks we set for children effectively challenge them all of the time. Using an Ofsted phrase, to become outstanding we need to ‘optimise’ children’s learning opportunities.

Although our journey towards being the best we can be does not stop here, the result of this inspection provides a good opportunity to reflect on the school’s journey since September 2012. The support we have had from parents has been brilliant and gratefully received, as has the hard work of all the staff in the school. And then there’s the children, who we know collectively have always been polite, friendly and sensibly behaved, but are now able to display a real enthusiasm for learning. Thank you all.

M. Fuller